The Cabina

Dar e tour fa bun cour — giving and taking is good for the heart.
Cabina da cudeschs (book cabin) is a project started in 2016 to repurpose an old telephone booth in Guarda, Engadin (Switzerland) into a public, multilingual micro-library. Locals and guests are invited to take a book or leave one at any time of day or night. In addition, the Cabina is at the center of several literary events each year.

Map of the location of the cabina


A small team of volunteers is responsible for the upkeep of the Cabina. Book donations from authors, publishers and other institutions are welcome.

Please send any donations to:
Cabina da cudeschs, F. Badel
Chant da la Signura 35
CH-7545 Guarda

For information, event ideas, etc.

The Cabina team:
Flurina Badel; Sybil, Viviane & Yvonne Ehrensberger; Jérémie Sarbach; Luca Zogg

Many thanks to:
Benno & Maya Meisser-Aebli; Heidi & Jean Badel; Heinz & Maureen Ehrensberger; Romana Ganzoni; Jürg Gautschi; Fadrina Hoffmann; Simone Lappert; Göri Kleinguti; Tim Krohn; Erna Romeril; and other contributors