The Cabina

Dar e tour fa bun cour — giving and taking is good for the heart.
Cabina da cudeschs (book cabin) is a project started in 2016 to repurpose an old telephone booth in Guarda, Engadin (Switzerland) into a public, multilingual micro-library. Locals and guests are invited to take a book or leave one at any time of day or night. In addition, the Cabina is at the center of several literary events each year.


A small team of volunteers is responsible for the upkeep of the Cabina. Book donations from authors, publishers and other institutions are welcome.

Please send any donations to:
Cabina da cudeschs, F. Badel
Chant da la Signura 35
CH-7545 Guarda

For information, event ideas, etc.

The Cabina team:
Flurina Badel; Sybil, Viviane & Yvonne Ehrensberger; Jérémie Sarbach; Luca Zogg

Many thanks to:
Benno & Maya Meisser-Aebli; Heidi & Jean Badel; Heinz & Maureen Ehrensberger; Romana Ganzoni; Jürg Gautschi; Fadrina Hoffmann; Simone Lappert; Göri Kleinguti; Tim Krohn; Erna Romeril; and other contributors